Memphis Garden Facts

CY we say,
“I Love Memphis”

  • Wettest months: March, April, May, November, December
  • Driest months: August, September, October
      • Greg Touliatos suggests “Cut back on watering in Sept to stress plants and help them wind down for winter”.
  • Soil PH tends to be acidic
  • Plant Hardiness Zone: 7b
      • there are 11 separate zones in US + Southern Canada)
      • (each zone is 10 degrees warmer or colder in winter than the adjacent zone)
      • The higher the number the warmer the gardening temps——
      • Before 1990 we were zone 7, -in 1990 changed to 7a, in 2012 changed to 7b
      • The new map is generally one 5°F half-zone warmer than the previous map throughout much of the US
  • Number days growing season = 236 DAYS
  • Last frost: April 8, First frost Nov 27 (on average)
  • Annual rainfall—54” yr
  • Water bill: 100 cfw=748 gallons, city charges $1.83 per 748 gal water based on 2015 rates
  • Wind direction: summer—usually west to east, winter—northwest to southeast